Discover the best of yourself!

How could your life change if you discovered and made use of the immense potential contained in your spirit?
The SpiriTherapy of Chiara Amirante is an innovative pathway of self knowledge, of interior healing on the art of loving which can help you discover the best of yourself, the divine spark impressed in your soul, to better live every moment of your life to the fullest.
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The fruits of SpiriTherapy

How to participate?

You can join the International Institute of SpiriTherapy by subscribing with a symbolic contribution and help to make this path accessible to everyone.

The Membership will give you the opportunity to have all the tools you need to "DISCOVER THE BEST OF YOURSELF!", take the proposed path seriously and experience its fruits.


Over 3 hours of new content every month
Participation in all the live broadcasts: Art of Loving and Horizons of Spirituality
AUTOMATIC subscription to all online live broadcasts
Unlimited access to the SpiriTherapy contents (videos, podcasts and exercise cards)
AUDIO PODCAST to listen to SpiriTherapy when it suits you (while doing sports or traveling)
SpiriTherapy at your fingertips at any time and on any device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC)

In addition, if you wish, you can also have:

FIXED reference tutor during live events
THE SAME Sharing Group during live events

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because the possibility of a FIXED sharing group during live online events (a really important tool given the seriousness and the fruits of this pathway) will depend until the number of available tutors to lead the groups.

New contents every year

Formation videos

Audio Podcasts

Exercise Files

Live online events


Access valid for 1 YEAR


(6€ per month)
  • Reference TUTOR [OPTIONAL]
  • Fixed sharing group [OPTIONAL]

Are you younger than 25 years old?

You can access the course with a 50% discount

 SpiriTherapy memberships have the aim of covering the costs of the service, but if in the future they generate profits, these will be donated to support social works, international cooperation projects, reception centers and many initiatives of the New Horizons Community in support of those who live in situations of serious hardship.

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If you are unable to join with a membership fee, you can still participate in live online events.

Family offer

Do you wish to share the SpiriTherapy pathway with your family?
You can activate the Family offer directly from your Personal Area!
Add your family members to your account, activate their access with a 50% discount * on the membership cost with which you are already registered ...
Each Family Account can independently access the following functions:
Unlimited access to the contents
Subscription to all live broadcasts
Reference tutor
Fixed sharing group
* families with more than 4 members will get extra help!

 Give someone a healing experience of the heart

  • You can gift the SpiriTherapy path to a friend


  • Make a gesture of love by giving an "anonymous" membership to one of the many people who wish to make the journey, but are in financial difficulty
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Chiara Amirante

I have only one life and I want to live it for something great!

Since I was a child I have always felt this desire in my heart with great strength and clarity!
I had a profound thirst for joy, for peace, for interior freedom, for truth, for love, for… living every moment to the full! I have traveled widely, seeking answers, and questioned many people in order to treasure their pearls of wisdom collected on the journey of life, I listened to wonderful people to learn the art of living.

HThus I discovered that, if we open our hearts to spirituality, Love opens up ever new wonderful horizons and life, despite the many difficulties and sufferings that we are called to face, can become a divine, wonderful adventure!

Frequent Questions

What advantages will I have with the membership compared to attending single events?

Spiritherapy is a path that is not made up of theoretical seminars but is a real 'therapy of the spirit' that requires perseverance and commitment in the exercises proposed at each meeting. Continuity, in-depth study in groups and the accompaniment of a tutor are therefore of fundamental help.
  • With the subscription you have all the tools at your disposal so that this path really has the possibility of "CHANGING YOUR LIFE"
  • In addition to participating in LIVE ONLINE events, you can also have access to On Demand content, at any time and from any device in order to review or simply listen to a meeting you missed or a passage that you feel is particularly important for your life ... every time that you want!
  • You will also be able to relive the moments of Prayer/Meditation, listen to the testimonies of life and songs.
  • If you wish, you can be part of a Sharing Group that explores the themes and makes them concrete for the life of each of the participants under the guidance of a reference Tutor

What does it mean to have a "Reference Tutor"?

  • It means that during live online events you will always have the same person leading the Sharing Group. This will allow him to get to know you better and over time have the opportunity to give you advice and feedback increasingly targeted to your specificity and uniqueness!
  • The Tutors are people who have been journeying for years on the pathway of SpiriTherapy.

What does it mean to have a fixed "Sharing Group"?

  • The "Sharing Group" is a group of people with whom to share the experience of this journey and "FIXED" means that it will be the same each time; this will allow you to get to know one other, slowly being able to trust each other more and more ... and ensure that the lives of others and their sharing can become precious for your life!

How can I pay for my membership?

At the moment it is possible to pay the subscription fee with all CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS, POSTEPAY, with GOOGLE PAY, APPLE PAY.
It is also possible to do so by BANK TRANSFER, using a specific account of the Societa' Orizzonti di Luce, and in CASH at the CITTADELLA CIELO in FROSINONE.

To whom do the proceeds from this activity go to?

Currently the subscriptions to SpiriTherapy have the sole objective of covering the costs of the service, but if in the future they generate profits, these will be donated to support social works, international cooperation projects, reception centers and many initiatives of the New Horizons Community. support for those who live in situations of serious hardship.